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LISTAS (Latinas in STEM  To Achieve Success) is an organization headquartered in the Bay Area, CA that encourages and motivates girls to prepare for professional careers that they have traditionally been underrepresented in.  In particular, because of the growing number of technology related jobs in the Bay Area (primarily around the cities of San Jose and San Francisco) LISTAS is making a concerted effort in encouraging young girls to enter the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and management. 


We encourage professional Latinas to be role models for the future generation of Latinas by serving as examples of how we can thrive and professionally excel while living in two cultures and to motivate them to set high professional goals and be leaders in their communities. 


LISTAS means READY in Spanish, and as such, we want our girls to be LISTAS to succeed!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to encourage and motivate young women and their families to pursue careers in historically underrepresented fields through partnerships with local colleges, universities and organizations.  LISTAS ultimate goal is to advance the next generation of Latina professionals and build a pipeline of future leaders that will positively impact the communities we live in. 



Our Vision:

To increase the number of Latinas in STEM and Management fields by creating a pipeline of Latina role models that will empower and motivate younger Latinas to join the professional ranks while being agents of change in their community.  


Core Values:

  • LISTAS values Latina women being role models for younger Latina women.

  • LISTAS values the Latino community being proactive and ready to partake in high skilled jobs to be economically prosperous.

  • LISTAS recognizes the struggles faced while growing up in underserved communities, first generation college bound households, and bicultural/bilingual households, not necessarily al mutually exclusive.

  • LISTAS values girls growing to be self sufficient, financially independent women with the option to live any lifestyle they may choose.

  • LISTAS values leadership in the community and being proactive about the change we want to be.

  • LISTAS values diversity in every aspect of the term in order to have thriving communities that we live and work in. 


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