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It's never too early to take charge of your child's education

A college education has defined my life and who I am. As such, I have spent the last 15 years realizing the important role that my parents, college counselors, teachers and the numerous summer programs played in preparing me for college (or not preparing me! :)). Now, a mother of two gorgeous bilingual bicultural kids, I strive to ensure that my children do better than I have and that they beat the odds against them. Numerous studies show that children of immigrants do better than second generation Mexican/Mexican-Americans/Latinos/other. I will work to prove them different!

Not to long ago I began my journey of educating myself about the options that I have as a parent to help my children succeed academically. Unlike my parents, I am spending countless hours researching schools, doing school visits, studying School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs), speaking to other parents and most importantly determining what are the key factors that are important to me as a parent. My ability to read and write in English, as well as the fact that I have already gone through the process is facilitating my ability to help shape my kids’ future.

In this blog we hope to share with you not only our personal trajectory as children of immigrants who have been exceptionally successful at leaving our hoods (let it be East Oakland or East Los Angeles) and navigating the educational system of Ivy League schools such as my alma matter Wellesley College and Harvard University. In addition, we hope to share with you resources that you can leverage to not only encourage your kids to attend and excel in college but we will also give particular focus to girls to encourage and motivate them to be successful scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians as well as leaders within their respective fields.



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