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Tennyson High STEM Program Motivates Female Professionals

Janett Hernandez and Sandra Navarro are working with Xochitl Leon and Diana Albarran Chicas on a grant proposal to take their students to a conference on Saturday April 26th at Canada Community College in Redwood City. The conference is connected to a statewide program called LISTAS. LISTAS (Latinas in STEM to Achieve Success) is an organization headquartered in the Bay Area that encourages and motivates young women to prepare for professional careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math and management fields.)


LISTAS looks to provide exposure to high tech companies and career development in a professional environment for both Students and Parents. They also introduce Students and Parent to local colleges and universities STEM programs. LISTAS continues to create awareness of industry and educational events and programs while partnering with mentoring programs to provide mentoring service for the young women in their program.


With the efforts of all, they hope to foster an experience that will ignite the interest and passion for STEM.


This year the Hayward Education Foundation will feature the LISTAS program at our annual Gala event and we will ask for support for their special College Prep program. We are looking forward to a full house at this years Gala on April 4. The students will be helping serve food and selling raffle tickets. This year's Gala is special because it will involve student bands and dancing.


We look forward to your support in helping Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Navarro attend this exciting conference. If you would like to make a contribution to assist Ms. Hernandez and Ms Navarro in providing transportation to the conference for their students, please email us.

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